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Our Decorating Philosophy

Ready Set Redesign is a Solution Based Interior Design Consulting company that believes EVERYONE deserves and can have a beautifully Decorated home with any budget.

And with over 3000 clients, Diane Haignere, owner of Ready Set Redesign, has seen it done over the last 20 years. She utilizes a proven process used since 1981. 

STOP: before checking out the Design services. 

THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING: you may end up with a well-decorated home that feels cozy, warm, inviting and peaceful. Can you handle a beautifully decorated home?  

Facts to know about using the Decorating Services of Ready Set Redesign:

  • We create a unique Decorating-Design Plan for your style and lifestyle. It has dimensions, colors and sizes.
  • You make the purchases: implementing the Easy-To-Understand Design Plan when your time and budget allows. The Best Part: You shop where you want to shop!
  • Your detailed Decorating Plan Includes everything from ceiling to floor: light fixutres, wall colors, artwork, accessories, window treatments and much more.  For kitchens and bathrooms: tile, faucets, storage solutions, new layout.
  • You will save $$$- by not making incorrect purchases
  • You will save Time- by having a plan, so no more analysis-paralysis
  • Not sure when implementing the Decorating Plan? Send me an email with questions.
In two(2) short hours you will have a plan. How easy was that?


Angie's List Super Service winner

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2017

Thank you so much to all the Wonderful people I have been able to help during this year and who wrote a wonderful review (and yes, without prompting).  I enjoyed helping you create a home you  love!

(Remember to email me with any questions) 

Why don't you take the next step and call to create a home you will love?  It is so easy.

Isn't about time for YOU to have a home you are proud of? (you're not alone, many struggle and say they will do it...2 years, 6 years, you know the routine- and it still hasn't been done.  Call today.

My theme song (don't all Interior Designers have one of these?) : Home by Phillip Phillips

"...Know you are not alone.....I am going to make this Place your Home".... 
"Settle will all be CLEAR..."

Call Ready Set Redesign today to Schedule a Decorating Appointment!

No room is too ugly, too embarrassing, too clutter-filled (toy-filled) or too "dust-bunny" filled for me to help reDesign or Design it into a beautiful room- I am just am saying this because these are excuses to prevent you from having the homeyour dreams.

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