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Interior Design and Decorating Services that takes all the Guesswork out of Decorating

The Decorating Process used by Ready Set Redesign™ has been utilized for over 30 years.  

You are given the Design Tools to Love pull you home together avoiding mistakes.  No more feelings of being overwhelmed by the decorating process and no more paralysis because the guess-work is eliminated.

Your Design Plan (shopping list specifically made for you) will give you a home you will love and one you are proud to share with others. Your home greets you and your guests- what is it saying?

Your home is a reflection of you- allow it to rise up to your greatness and provide Peace and Calm in your hectic life.

(Psst, aren't you tired of EVERYBODY giving you their opinion on what you should do? Hire a professional Decorator to eliminate the confusion and get it done right the first time)

The Details incorporated the Design Plan:

You will have in your possession... (the same day and before I leave your house): 

  • Paint color recommendation
  • fabric selection: colors, pattern ideas
  • furniture: size, shape, color
  • accessories: size, color, shape 
  • artwork/wall hanging options (yes, and how high to hang it). .
  • Layout for empty rooms to determine furniture size
...and you will have pictures of items you need. This is called a DESIGN BOARD (to the right of this)

THE END RESULT: You WILL have a beautiful room(s) or plans for a beautiful room(s) with clear Decorating Direction while eliminating COSTLY and TIME-CONSUMING decorating mistakes. 

Note: The first room always takes the longest, possibly a couple of hours. During this time, your likes, dislikes, style, lifestyle, hobbies, entertainment ideas- everything that reflects you and your family members personality and culture. I will ask if I can inspire you to step out of

Design Board for Decorating a Room

How do I know if I need a Design Consultation?

  • Did you just Move to a New home and your existing furniture doesn't seem to work?
  • Are you tired of what you have and ready for a new look?
  • Are You fed-up with the CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) ? 
  • Do you have too much stuff and your dust bunnies are the new decorating style.
  • Tired of ongoing, Costly Decorating Mistakes? You know what I'm talking about, buying a piece you love just to find out it doesn't work. 
  • Do you just want Confirmation from an Expert Interior Designer  that you are going in the right direction?  (Note:Family and friends have very strong opinions about their personal why not call someone who knows Design Principles. And by the way, don't tell anyone you are utilizing professional Design Services because they always say they will help you for free...then how do you say "no" without hurting someone's feelings)?

BONUS: How about FLAT RATE Interior Design Consultation so you know your cost up-front- no hidden surprises.

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My theme song (don't all Interior Designers have one of these?) : Home by Phillip Phillips

"Know you are not alone.....I am going to make this Place your Home".... 
"Settle will all be CLEAR..."

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No room is too ugly, too embarrassing, too clutter-filled (toy-filled) or too "dust-bunny" filled for me to help reDesign it into a beautiful room.

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