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Who is Ready Set ReDesign™?

Diane Haignere is Ready Set Redesign, The Home Life Saver!

She is an award winning Interior Designer based in Columbus, Ohio, and serving all of Ohio. 

And the best part, she will travel across the country to work with clients. She has work with many Ohio Clients who have moved out of state and needed her help in their new homes.  

Awarded Super Service from Angie's List:
Interior Designer & Decorator and Staging Professional

Meet Diane 

She began her life as a Decorator at age 5 - yes, you read that right! Barbie and Ken had the best decorated house in the city. She used fabric scraps taped to the window openings for drapes. She built a bed from wood scraps and made an amazing duvet for the bed (again from scraps). This young, creative person had no idea what the future had in store for her; she thought she was just playing make believe.... And that is the age which GIFTS and TALENTS are delivered to a person in order to have a Purposeful life.  Yes, Diane's purpose and passion is to help people have homes they will love.

She is a native of Worthington and Columbus and obtained her bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University.
In 2003, she continued her Decorating Education in New York City with Lauri Ward, Author and Pioneer of One day Decorating and owner of Use What You Have Interiors™ (and, of course, as seen on Oprah).   It was at this time, Ready Set ReDesign™ was created as an Interior Design Consulting Business. 
Diane is a Certified Gold Member of the Interior Redecorators Network (IRN) formerly know as the Interior Refiners Network and served as the Treasurer for this International Group from 2007-2009. A proud graduate of Klemmer and Associates, Personal Development; Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, and Samurai Camp.
She has over 30 years of experience working with over 4000 homeowners (probably 12,000 rooms). No job is too small or too big; she has worked on homes from less than 1000 square feet to over 11,000 square feet (yes, that is correct, not a typo!).  She is a certified Feng Shui practitioner(no this is not airy-fairy stuff, see services) and has been through intensive training with the nationally renowned Feng Shui Master, Penny Crabtree.
Diane enjoys renovating her own home, and has mastered many skills (so she can help you with some money saving Decorating ideas).  She has tiled floors and backsplashes, made decks, made patio furniture, installed hardwood floors, reupholstered furniture, made drapes, installed light fixtures and ceiling fans, and, oh..... yes, she has replaced toilets.  She not only talks-the-talk, she walks the you can see, she is a true DIY Decorating Lifer.... (and she may challenge your contractor when they say "it can't be done).

Are you ready to work with Someone who is Passionate about giving you a Home you will LOVE and CHERISH?

".... your home is a Metaphor for your life.  It should provide Peace, Calm and Harmony when you walk in your door. It should rise up to meet you, not pull you down." 
Peter Walsh on the Oprah Show, January 11, 2010

...did you know that 90% of the Decorating Process is about getting the right "Feel."  So Copying a friend's home or a picture in a magazine is like wearing the same clothes and the same hairstyle of another person believing it is an Expression of You. Your true Authentic Self is expressed in Great Design when you feel good in your home.
  ~Diane Haignere, January 2014