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How to decorate accessories
WOW! You just went on a shopping trip and hit the mother lode of decorating accessories. Now what?

Do you know how to accessorize a room? Odd numbers? Even numbers? Like items? Different items? 

Most of the time people over-think and over-analyze when decorating. 

Here's a simple tip:

  • Do you want an item to stand out? Position it in a prominent place by itself. 
  • Do you want it to blend in and add impact with what you have? Position the item with décor objects that have something in common. AND, making sure you have odd numbers.
Decorating should be fun and easy. 

It January 2019, and yes, I am just starting to blog.  Well, actually I did one about 5 years ago and realized it is not my forte- and it still isn't, but I have things to share. So, I guess this is a re-start. Know for sure, this will be a sporatic- because how on earth could there be something of interest to share every day, or every week. The world is shouting: "Social Media, Social media."....." put yourself out there and make yourself heard."  Really?  I just want to hunker down quietly and solve one Design Problem at a time... as in a whole room, a whole floor, or a whole house.   

What happen to the meek shall inherit the world?

I want to live my life and enjoy things and cherish people- not as a stressed, fast paced adventure. Its about "delighting" in every little morsel of life.  Ssshhhhh... let's go have some fun and give people wonderful homes.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know so many Designers who are frazelled trying to keep up with the Blog World and Social Media World.  They don't have the time to give fabulous service to their customers. (Yes, I am on LOTS of Interior Design forums and they are RUSHING through their clients-YIKES!!). 

ME: I like to enjoy my coffee, take classes, meet people, go out in nature, learn new things and REALLY take my time to Help people.  I don't want to sit at a computer for hours not enjoying what is surrounding me.  So, I promise this will be the best whenever blog in the world. Who knows, this could be my last post. Kiss

Remember: Life is a Journey, not a Race. And I love the book The Road Less Traveled.

My Bathroom Remodel - I am doing this myself!


Bucket List - Item  #10 - Remodel my Own Bathroom

.... without calling any of my Contractor Friends to Bail me out.

Let the process begin.  This is slow and steady, like the Turtle, but always wins the race.

"You can do anything you put your mind to doing" Famous quote from my parents. It was more about doing my homework on time, practicing my violin or just outright obeying them. 

Yes, I may have a leg up on people considering my Father was a custom home builder. But I didn't take an interest or start buying my own power tools until I decided I WANTED to be the CREATOR of stuff!

My house is a 1960's Ranch, leaning more towards a california ranch.  So, therefore, more with a Mid-Century Vibe.  I moved into it in 2001.   Yep, gave every room a facelift, or 2 or 3 or more, plus had the kitchen remodeled.
But uggggg.. the confession. Are you familiar with the story of the Cobbler and his Children? Well that was me.  The bathrooms looked horrible.  I'm on a slab, so if I wanted to change the layout, it would mean jack-hammering the floor.  No thank you!   As I was gutting my TWO(2), YES, 2, bathrooms, a cousin-contractor came over and took a look- the Electrical Panel had been in a closet in the Master Bathroom.  I didn't want the Closet in there any more.  He took a look and pleasantly informed me that I had one of the most dangerous Electrical Panels and I needed to get it changed out.  So I put that bathroom on hold until that could be remedied.

Because my house is on a slap, the layout is not changing, just adding some interesting elements.  Sit back and Watch the action unfold....very slowly...... 

Because, in the meantime, I am traveling a lot with clients who have downsized and moved south! My LIFE IS SOOO good! Plus, my daughter has moved to Texas.  Just be notified, this is going slow. And, all the wonderful clients I work with every week. 

Decorator Remodels own Bathroom
Interior Designer remodels bath
Interior Designer remodels own bathroom

Slow and steady:  the Decorator makes progresss Cool