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It is January 2019, and yes, I am just starting to blog.  Well, actually I did one about 5 years ago and realized it is not my forte- and it still isn't, but I have things to share. So, I guess this is a re-start. Know for sure, this will be a sporadic- because how on earth could there be something of interest to share every day, or every week. The world is shouting: "Social Media, Social media."....." put yourself out there and make yourself heard."  Really?  I just want to hunker down and quietly solve your Design Problems... as in a whole room, a whole floor, or a whole house.   

What happen to the meek shall inherit the world?

I want to live my life and enjoy things and cherish people- not as a stressed, fast paced adventure. Its about "delighting" in every little morsel of life.  Ssshhhhh... let's go have some fun and give people wonderful homes.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know so many Designers who are frazzled trying to keep up with the Blog World and Social Media World.  They don't have the time to give fabulous service to their customers. (Yes, I am on LOTS of Interior Design forums and they are RUSHING through their clients-YIKES!!). 

ME: I like to enjoy my coffee, take classes, meet people, go out in nature, learn new things and REALLY take my time to Help people.  I don't want to sit at a computer for hours not enjoying what is surrounding me.  So, I promise this will be the best "whenever" blog in the world. Who knows, this could be my last post. Kiss   (7 months later, update... guess not!) 

Remember: Life is a Journey, not a Race. And I love the book The Road Less Traveled.

Ta-Da!! With a blink of the eye and Only 12 months later, I finally finished the bathroom remodel.... this Interior Designer did by herself. 

(Scroll past the bathroom remodel if you want educational information about decorating)

Yea, yea, yea... I'm just like you and everyone.... I procrastinated remodeling this 60's ranch bathrooms.. gulp, it pains me to tell you- for 18 years.  And now I am in-love    with the look and feel,and of course, asking myself why I waited so long???  It took a friend visiting from out of town to put her foot through the tile to put in on the "have to do immediately" list.  
So, why did I decide to do this myself? Well, bathrooms are expensive.  And I wanted to see what all the expense was about. I also wanted to understand and be a sounding board for homeowners about why they take so long (a contractor will never as long as I did) and why their contractor wasn't up to par. No, I am not defending crappy work- I now know how many details go into remodeling.  And, I can see how things were omitted.  Open communications and establishing a good rapport with your contractor is key. Also, try not to point fingers... just ask for what you want.

Gutting a bath remodel
What was I thinking??? To allow this horrendous bathroom to stay in my house. This is embarrassing.... but "these are the fact m'am"! (you've heard about the shoe cobbler who's children had no shoes... many Interior Designers I talk with are so busy helping others have beautifully decorated homes that their own homes suffer...I'm not alone!) 

Yes this bathroom countertop was 2" square tiles.  

Laminate in the bathroom?  One of the worst flooring for any place there is water.  Why? the veneer will start to lift after a period of time. The former homeowner had it everywhere in the common areas! Of course, I had eliminated every place BUT the bathroom until I had a plan to remodel.  Silly me!

Because it needed new backer board, I ripped out the tile attached to the drywall.  Much easier way to do it.

What you don't know- I had ripped out the Master bathroom prior to the hole going into the tile in the guest bathroom.  (ok, it's almost finished also). That is the wall adjoining the master bath.... peek-a-boo!
(I had some dog sitters come into the house while I was out of town, and they were baffled with all of the openings in the bathroom, lacking privacy.)

remodel a bathroom

Sealed the shower walls with Redgard

Let the tiling begin...........

Beautiful remodeled bathroom
Interior Designer remodels her own bathroom
Yes, Decorating is about what makes you feel good. I love the colors and sayings of these 3 pieces. And I've had them forever. It's a good reminder of this bath remodel and life. I lived throught the remodel. I Laughed at a lot of mistakes I made. And I loved the end results of the bathroom and me!
selecting paint colors

This is Why copying Pinterest or Houzz or a Friend's Paint Color RARELY works....

Most people cannot understand why,  when they have analyzed and re-analyzed, and even copied a known color - that it doesn't work in their room


Lighting is key. How many windows to you have in the room? What directions does the room face. People don't realize this will affect the final outcome of their paint selection.


The type of lightbulbs and the color of these lightbulbs will also affect color outcome.

What most people don't realize that each directional wall will appear different during the same time of day.  Our eyes adjust, so most don't see this.


As well, the colors will change through-out the day based on sun position and clouds. And You thought this would be an easy to just paint a room.


The picture to the left is courtesy of Benjamin Moore:

As seen here, bright midday sun will wash out most pale hues (top); that same hue will be flattered by softer, indirect illumination (lower left), while artificial light will add a warm glow to the wall color (lower right).

Decorating Design Plan

Decorating for the Single Guy

Last week, I worked with a nice gentleman, who had recently gone through a divorce. I don't ask questions - it's none of my business.  He had explained over the phone that he only had about half of the furniture. I was hired to help him transform 5 rooms so they would feel warm and inviting, yet reflect his joys and passions..  YES, a home should reflect know, put a smile on your face when you enter a room.  I like to say a room should feel like you're cuddled with your favorite animal or person, or if you're not fond of those things, then feel like you are wrapped in the softest cashmere blanket (only if you're not allergic to wool and it's not summer time).  I am only going to share one of the rooms.  If you want to see the Design Boards for the rest of the rooms, just contact me.  

As I looked around, he had many of the basics, in most of the rooms. When I began asking about favorite colors, hobbies, what's not working right now... and of course a  whole lot more questions..... well, I found out he loves to fish. The only indication this passion was few fishing poles near the front door.  This home was not reflecting his style. NOTE: Your home should be a reflection of who you are. And make you smile- is your home doing this? Here's what we did:

The first room we transformed was the Great room. He had a beautiful area rug in navy and gray, and a gray sofa and chair. He had a fabulous masculine, ornate trunk that he used as his coffee table. The furniture was way off- balance. We rearranged the furniture and area rug to make the room more inviting. End tables, lamps and artwork is what he needed to complete this room. 

  • The foyer: updated light fixtures, a gallery wall of his travels going up the stairs. And, painted black spindles.
  • The dining room: had a gorgeous ten foot table and plenty of chairs. His ornate hutch needed to move from the living room into this room. A new chandelier, area rug, a couple of mirrors and drapes
  • The kitchen: needed a new countertop and a backsplash to lighten up the space. Plus a new shape for the island. And with the new shape of the Island, there was now room for bar stools. Plus a new table and chandelier.
  • The Living Room: had a beautiful red area rug, just waiting for all new furniture. This is his reading room, so a complete plan based on his lifestyle was created.

Yes, In 6 hours... 

What's your excuse for not having a home you love? Kiss  Many women believe because their friends can decorate, they should be able. Do you have friends that are doctors and can operate... think because they can do it, you should be able to do it, too? Honey, you were not blessed with the Decorating gene. 

use what you have to decorate

That does this room need to become a well decorated room?

This is the home of a client who's items looked good but she said felt uninviting. We used what she had and added to her existing items to make the room feel more inviting and cozy.  As you can see, everything she owns is beautiful, we just needed to create a space where she wanted to go and be. 

First and foremost the proportions to the furniture are out of scale to this large room.  The round ottoman/coffee table needs to be larger. I would add an oval ottoman. 

Next, the mirrors on the wall are spread too far apart and there should be more of them that are larger.  We are not placing pictures on this wall because it would compete with the fireplace picture that is stunning (just to the right of this picture)

We needed to add 2 chairs in turquoise and a table in between those chairs.

The end tables feel too short in scale, and too small.  We used those in another room.

The lamp bases are too skinny.  Something with a beefier base would work beautifully. 

Downsize and move into a new home

Have you Prepared to Move into your New Home?  

Too many times, I receive frantic calls from someone who has just moved into a new home and didn't plan at all. They thought they could wing it since they decorated their last house. But it doesn't work that way. Yep, they were caught up the creek....and no paddle.

So Make a Plan. I actually do a "to-scale" layout with the furniture, artwork, lamps, and area rugs you want to re-use.  As well, I can select paint colors, flooring, and additional pieces for you if needed. 

Plan for an easy move!

inexpensive decorator

Why Continue the Struggle with Decorating your Home?

Over the last few days I have worked with several clients who have lived in their homes for a number of years and cannot believe how good their home looks AFTER I HELPED THEM!   Yes, just using what they already have in their home. And, only additing color or a few additional items.

I often hear: “I thought you were going to have me get rid of everything.” Why would I have you get rid of things you love?  Are you going to get rid of the animals you love? The children you love? The clothes you love? Of course not!  

Most people buy what they love, they just don’t know how to work things into a room.

And, somewhere along the road, people have been brain-washed to think they have to have a home that looks like everyone else’s home.  Are you wearing the same clothes as all of your friends?  Dressing your kids like everyone else? Of course not! 

Why is it I can decorate your room using your things and you struggle with this?   Because I understand a room is a living thing- there MUST BE FLOW, rhythm, repetition, balance, space to breath and a place to feel cozy.  When furniture is not properly arrange, it feels horrible and you don’t want to go into the room.

I hear at almost every Consultation: “I would never have thought of that.” Nope, because I.THINK.OUTSIDE.OF.THE.BOX.   (or, as some clients who have gotten to know me say: you have no box!)

Everyone deserves a well-designed room, and YOU are everyone! Stop the madness!

PS: Client 1 is a repeat client. We work on 1 room at a time and every time she is blown away (she can’t figure out how to put a review on google-so you can read her experience).  Actually, this is our 3rd time meeting AND this time, it was her husband who asked her to get me over to help them with their Dining Room.  Yes, it was unbalanced and uninviting... and it was transformed. 

Client 2 is a first time client. She called because her husband hated the living room and said "it feels like old people live here. She thought we were going to have to move the grand piano to the dining room and swap rooms.  Nope!  Just poor furniture layout PLUS lots of fun things for other areas of the home to transform the 2 rooms with a more up-to-date feel. Yes, I ventured into other rooms to switch things up to look more cohesive. She was dumbfounded with the experience- couldn't believe the transformation.

Client 3: A kitchen remodel had just taken place, and the couple was getting ready to order new furniture for the adjoining Greatroom. They wanted to do it right. OOOPS… they had the wrong furniture layout plus, she loved the furniture they owned, but need more seating.  If they kept the (expensive) furniture, then the paint color was wrong in the kitchen.  When I explained (educated) them on how things should be arranged, they completely understood.  They received a plan working with their existing furniture and a plan for purchase of new furniture. Her comment was: “I wish we would have hired you before starting all of this remodeling!”


paint or decorate with furniture first

Paint or Purchase furniture first?

This is not a “which came first type scenario: Chicken or the Egg.” There IS a definite order for decorating a room.

I hear too many times: “We just moved into a new house and want to freshen it up.” My question to them: “do you have the furniture you wish to use for this home?” Many times, I hear: “No, but we are just painting white.”  Not to confuse things, but there are yellow whites, green whites, gray whites, pink whites…. Whites can clash with what you have.

You get the idea. Let alone color colors (lol- non-white colors), of which there are yellow undertones, gray undertones, pink undertones, and more. 

I prefer to create a plan (called a Design Plan) for the entire room to make sure everything is cohesive and flows with everything in the room and surrounding rooms. You can’t always find fabrics that you love and match to your paint colors. BUT, you can ALWAYS color-match paint with your fabric colors selections. 

It sounds counter intuitive to many people, but paint after your fabrics have been selected.

what size area rug for a room

What size Rug?

One of the biggest decorating mistakes I encounter when Redesigning a Room is the WRONG SIZE RUG. So if you ask me: "what size?" I can't just throw out a number, because there is no standard number for a room. It is relative to the room size and furniture placement. Pictures are better than you go. You are welcome!

decorating with dark floors

Dark Floors Could be a disaster!!  Read before you purchase...

Dark floors really show scratches and footprints and dust bunnies. This could be a very costly decorating mistake if you are an OCD clean-nik!

I Love them. Don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous! And, if you, like many households, ask people to remove their shoes, the oils from feet will show up all over the floor. Animals can be detrimental to these beautiful floors; scratches and fur stand out. Shiny surfaces are worse than matte finishes with all of these situations. Are the dark floors a must have? Provide people with slippers that don’t slip. I would never recommend getting rid of any animal .

Make the right decision the first time with the help of an award-winning Designer! Call today and do your decorating right, the first time.

How high to hang artwork

I heard you're supposed to hang artwork at eye-level."  I hear this all the time when I help people decorate their home.  

And most times, the artwork is hung too high (because the one hanging it is usually the taller person!). So before anyone in your household hangs any pictures, have them read this to avoid mistakes!! 

Let me ask this question: Do you want to sit in a comfortable chair, and strain your neck to see a beautiful picture that is at someone's standing eye-level? Of course not!  

Also realize that sometimes the artwork you wish to hang may not be large enough for the space.  Things to consider: the relationship to what the art is above (if above anything), the wall size and ceiling height.  Am I making you crazy yet?  Are there any rules? Heck no, except  the ones people make up to blow smoke and think they are the experts. 

Now I will drive you crazy: It is a feeling about how high to hang something. That is why before hanging anything, trace the artwork onto brown paper and tape the paper to the wall. If you don't make decisions easily, wait 2 days.  This is how you avoid hanging artwork too high. NOTE: the tall and short adults in the home must agree.  If they don't, the shorter person always wins!

How to decorate accessories

Accessorizing a Room

WOW! You just went on a shopping trip and hit the mother lode of decorating accessories. Now what?

Do you know how to accessorize a room? Odd numbers? Even numbers? Like items? Different items? 

Most of the time people over-think and over-analyze when decorating. 

Here's a simple tip:

  • Do you want an item to stand out? Position it in a prominent place by itself. 
  • Do you want it to blend in and add impact with what you have? Position the item with décor objects that have something in common. AND, making sure you have odd numbers.
Decorating should be fun and easy. 

My Bathroom Remodel - I am doing this myself!


Bucket List - Item  #10 - Remodel my Own Bathroom

.... without calling any of my Contractor Friends to Bail me out.

Let the process begin.  This is slow and steady, like the Turtle, but always wins the race.

"You can do anything you put your mind to doing" Famous quote from my parents. It was more about doing my homework on time, practicing my violin or just outright obeying them. 

Yes, I may have a leg up on people considering my Father was a custom home builder. But I didn't take an interest or start buying my own power tools until I decided I WANTED to be the CREATOR of stuff!

My house is a 1960's Ranch, leaning more towards a california ranch.  So, therefore, more with a Mid-Century Vibe.  I moved into it in 2001.   Yep, gave every room a facelift, or 2 or 3 or more, plus had the kitchen remodeled.
But uggggg.. the confession. Are you familiar with the story of the Cobbler and his Children? Well that was me.  The bathrooms looked horrible.  I'm on a slab, so if I wanted to change the layout, it would mean jack-hammering the floor.  No thank you!   As I was gutting my TWO(2), YES, 2, bathrooms, a cousin-contractor came over and took a look- the Electrical Panel had been in a closet in the Master Bathroom.  I didn't want the Closet in there any more.  He took a look and pleasantly informed me that I had one of the most dangerous Electrical Panels and I needed to get it changed out.  So I put that bathroom on hold until that could be remedied.

Because my house is on a slap, the layout is not changing, just adding some interesting elements.  Sit back and Watch the action unfold....very slowly...... 

Because, in the meantime, I am traveling a lot with clients who have downsized and moved south! My LIFE IS SOOO good! Plus, my daughter has moved to Texas.  Just be notified, this is going slow. And, all the wonderful clients I work with every week. 

Decorator Remodels own Bathroom
Interior Designer remodels bath
Interior Designer remodels own bathroom

Slow and steady:  the Decorator makes progresss Cool