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Can I Afford a Decorator?

  • How Valuable is your TIME and MONEY? 
  • How long have you been making wrong purchases that don't work? 
  • Or how long have you analyzed over and over again, with no results of a beautiful home?
  • So, after multiple wrong purchases, or becoming paralyzed from over-analyzing- did you give up the dream to have a home you love and cherish-one that feels warm and inviting? 

In about 2 hours your room can be transformed.... and you have been working on this room for how long? Months or years? 

Please take the pain away of trying to do this yourself. We each have our own gifts and talents: I am not embarrassed that I am not a brain surgeon.... why should you be embarrassed for not being a professional designer?

The Cost of a Design Consultation will more that offset the cost of all the Mistake and valuable time wasted.  

Most clients tell me: "I wish I would have used you sooner- I would have had a home to enjoy and eliminated all those headaches and wasted time from indecision!"

Have you bought into the Illusion that you are suppose to have the Decorating DNA? Don't!   You cannot do EVERYTHING well.  I couldn't be a nurse or a physician or a roofer- I don't have the skills.  If you did know how to decorate, you would not be on my website searching for decorating help. 

Treat yourself to my professional Decorating Services; My purpose and my gifts and talents are in decorating! And back to the DNA illusion- where are your gifts and talents? I know I have none of yours!

How Much Does it Cost? It depends on what you need done- call me and I can tell you the price.

Why are there no standardize fees posted? Because you may need just a couple of accessories, not a full room makeover.  Yes, there are standardize fees for my services.  Often, after speaking with people, some of my standard services are more than they need, so I am able to quote lesser fees.  What?!? A Designer who wants you to save money??? (yep! And I have a few vendors that I give you my discount, rather than taking the 10% most Interior Designers get for sending you there!)

Back to the Original Question:
Yes, you can afford the Professional Interior Design Services of Ready Set ReDesign.™   The more rooms we work on, the more the price goes down. And, if for some reason you can't afford a Consultation in the next couple of week, think about how long you have waited to do this. Put aside a few dollars a week and schedule an appointment in 3 months. That's a great goal to work towards.


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