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The Most Common thing I hear when I walk into the home of a new client: "I have never hired a decorator before. I don't know how this works."  

This is a way of saying: I am nervous about this. What can I expect?

 I get it, a strange person is walking into your sacred space who is going to fix everything!

But these people have gotten over their biggest fear: Picking up the phone and call me to set an appointment.  

So that elephant in the room..... right in the middle of your home

That elephant's name is  fear (also called the chatter in your head preventing you from moving forward to call and get help).  
You know what’s going on- you think you are the only one with the head-talk-stuff happening. You are not.  (And usually people tell me, I wish I would have done this years ago; all that indecision.)

Some "Answers" to the "Questions" to your head-chatter:

  • What if I don’t like her ideas?   Then tell her, because there are millions of solutions for every decorating problem.
  • How do I know she and I will work together?  Call her.
  • Will she judge me on how my house looks?  HELLO!!!  I am there to help you LOVE your home.  And she has seen lot of clutter and dust bunnies (in fact, don’t hide things, that way she can give you fabulous solutions).

OK, it’s only fair, Here's My biggest fear? That you are enjoying your home so much, you forget to email me your pictures!

decorating around the elephant in the room
How can you decorate around your elephant?

Cost of Interior Design Services

Important Information to make an Informed Decision- read everything before you Decide!

Everyone wants to know in advance what the Flat Rate Decorating Consultations Cost. Before I address that, I have corrected a lot of FREE Interior Design Services from Retail Stores. That is because most are not trained in Interior Design; balance, symmetry, repetition, color theory, textures, how high to hang items, how to accessorize, etc. 

And, then there are the on-line services. Don't waste your money. Many of the online e-design push product. And many people are sad they have spent money because their homes don't feel warm and cozy, and don't flow with the rest of the house- of course not, these people are not seeing anything but the measurements you take.

Then I know for sure one Designer charges $150 for a discovery meeting over coffee.  They have discovered a lot of things, but for $1500, then you get a plan. Another company charges $485 for an hour of Discovery. Hmmmmm...... maybe I need to raise my rates? Wink

Why my Flat Rate Decorating Services  are so Reasonable Priced is that we work together- you and me.  We make quick decisions together. I don't "source" materials- which means, I don't have to find trade prices and create a spread sheet for mark-up. This is time-consuming (and don't you want to sit on it before you buy it?) and that is what you are charged for by other Designers.  With my Consultations, everything is handed to you within a few short hours, before I leave your house. And for $300, you are fully equipped to Decorate a room. And, yes, you can give me a cup of coffee while I'm at your home (wink-wink-wink), if you please.  

Decorating Services
Click on Each Service below for more Information about the service:

Room Decorating - Empty or filled rooms. Interior or Exterior Rooms.

Kitchen and Bath Design - Layout if necessary. Selection of fixtures, cabinets and tile.

Downsizing - Existing furniture placement a puzzle?  Will it fit? In the new open concepts, many people are struggling.

Decorating Gift Certificates - The gift that continually gives

Vacation Home or Rental Decorating - Let your home stand out over the others!

Move into a New Home - want to know where your existing furniture, artwork, and accessories  go in your new home so on move-in day you will have peace of mind? Want me there on Move-In Day to Direct the movers?

Feng Shui - oh, it's not that weird! Innocent Unless you don't remember any science learned in elementary school. EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE IS ENERGY. That is all this is about- it's about correcting the energy flow so your room(s) feel better! No weird stuff from this chick, unless requested. House Blessings. House Clearings.

DON'T SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?   We do much more than listed.

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