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Comfortable Man Caves

From the very simple to very sophisticated

Notice how we don’t use the word “Decorate?” Because the word "Decorate" tends to be too "frou-frou" and fluffy for a man to wrap his brain around.   We can Create a  Man Cave that is very masculine using what you have.... you know the leftovers from the rest of the house!?!  Or,  a space can be created with all new furniture. Or a combination of new incorporated with what you already have and love:  your special things that qualify as “artwork” for you ... be it sports or animal head paraphernalia.
The Man Cave will be a comfortable and relaxing area for the Man of the House… he can decide how inviting the room will be for the rest of the family.
Sometimes creating a Man Cave will take some Marital Counseling (because someone in the house may want to create a Mom Cave or a Teen Cave) – and believe it or not, another area of our expertise is Designing and Counseling with Spouses. Surprised  We promise to create a balance in the space that is win-win for everyone in the family. 

Check out the Room Redesign for more details about what is covered.