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  Not sure you need a PROFESSIONAL Designer?

It is time to hire a Decorator if You:

•have made at least one huge, costly decorating mistake- maybe purchasing the wrong size furniture - and now you're paralyzed and can't move forward to finish decorating your home.
are embarrassed to have anyone over to visit or if someone stops by unexpectedly, you leave your guests on the front porch and step outside to have a conversation with them.
•are constantly rearranging furniture - and you just can't get it right.
•have moved into a new home and nothing, I mean NOTHING from your old home is working?
ave painted your walls and now hate the colors ...possibly after painting several times or using the same colors from your last home. (nope, the lighting is different.
have blank walls with no pictures or artwork hung.
are not sure what area rug to buy or how big  (... after schlepping several rugs back and forth to the store)
•are embarrassed by the naked windows in your home or still have sheets or paper blinds on them after years of living in your home?

Yes I can help you and in just a couple of HOURS you will have a detailed plan!
My no-nonsense, Consultations will have you saying "wow, why didn't I think of that?"  (and you will be pushing me out your door- don't feel like you're being rude- you are finally ready to go shopping because you know exactly what you need to purchase.  I know how excited you will be to finally have a plan, so feel free to push me out the door.)

Most people who use the Interior Design Services of Ready Set Redesign have never worked with a decorator before- you're not alone, please read and ask questions.

And, after using Ready Set Redesign's Decorating services, most people marvel at how easy the Decorating Process was- yes, you FINALLY have a plan.  So why do so many people not hire a Professional Decorator?

STOP and Read!!!  

People tell themselves: Well it was done on HGTV or in a Decorating Magazines (Pinterest or Houzz), so I should be able to do that. Well most professionals have a wealth of information or an innate gift. It can be misleading how easy it is to Decorate a home. You either have the skill or you don't. And, look, I cannot perform surgery, I am definitely going to hire someone for that....

Ponder this: You hire a Plumber, you hire a Dentist, You hire a Surgeon...why do you NOT think you need a Professional Interior Designer? Here are some REASONS many people don't hire a Professional Decorator: 

The first reason....most women THINK they are suppose to have the DNA to decorate (usually conveyed to them by a significant other who doesn't understand the discomfort of a poorly designed home). 

Every person has their own special Gifts and Talents. Be honest with yourself, if you don't, you don't. So what!?!?  I cannot be around blood and guts- so there is no way I could go into the Health care industry!

My Gifts and Talents are in Decorating and providing my expertise to people, just like you, who want a home that feels and looks great ( you know what I am talking about: one that you are proud to share with your friends and family.)

Here's the second reason... Hubbie (Partner, Significant Other) doesn't want to spend the money....... realize most men (ok, some men have called me out on this, because sometimes it's the wife) would be happy with a recliner and a TV......and maybe a bed...for the entire house!  They don't realize you must FEEL good with your surroundings and not be embarrassed when your friends and family visit. Show him this website- I am not here to spend your hard-earned money! You will actually SAVE you LOTS of $$$ by avoiding Decorating Mistakes! Isn't that what you want?  Remember, I do not purchase anything, so you shop where you like.

Remind him/her "A happy Wife (spouse/significant) is a Happy Life!" 

(Does your significant think nothing about buying a new toy, going to an expensive resort, playing golf at that expensive club, or taking expensive golf lessons.....isn't NOW the time for you to be HAPPY? Just make up any story that suits you)

Here are Your Costs for Making Decorating Mistakes 

(don't forget the time spent selecting items and going in person) 

Wrong Paint Color

$1000-$1500 per room

Wrong size, style, or color for sofa or sectional


Wrong Window Treatments

$200-$1000 per window