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Frequently Asked Questions about Ready Set Redesign

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Interior Design Consultations

What is your Decorating Style?

  • I do not decorate in a "particular style"  Everything is based on the client's style and lifestyle (children, dogs, cats, elderly parents). 
  • Design Principles are used to create a cozy, inviting home based on your dream! 
  • Just so you know: I have decorated everything from log cabins to ultra contemporary homes. I have worked with Moroccan style, Asian styles, and many other cultural styles. I can do any style because it's all about the flow, balance and Design Principles to make a home look and feel good!

Why would I pay for your Decorating Service when I can get it "free" through the stores?

  • Many Interior Designers who give you FREE Design services are on commission... so who's best interest do they have in mind?  (NOTE:I have corrected many homes for people who have used these "free" services with the wrong scale of furniture as well as too much furniture, and the wrong layout

  • Very few of the "free" Decorating services are offer by Professionally trained Designers...

  • Check the Details for the "free" decorating services. Many require a minimum purchase (Usually $10,000 to $25,000) or you pay for the service. 

JUST SO YOU KNOW: I don't sell any products.

How do you charge for your Decorating Services?

  • It is always a flat-rate Design Fee, pre-quoted to you on the phone. And guess what- There are No surprises with this type of Design Service! 
  • If you do want to add additional services while I am at your home, I will again pre-quote a rate and ask if you want to proceed.
  • With a Flat-Rate Consultation fee, the focus is giving you the room/home of your dreams, rather than worrying about the time! 
  • (Shopping assistance is available, but is not part of the consultation. There is charged an hourly rate.)

Is there a Free Initial Consultation?

  • That is not a service I offer.  I am creating Decorating Solutions for you when I walk into your home.
  • Free Initial Consultations usually means higher prices at the end..... is that want you want ? (Such as hourly)
  • When I leave your home, You have IN HAND a DESIGN PLAN and DESIGN BOARD that gives you a Detailed list of the purchases you will need to make and pictures of the items. 

How are you Different from other Designers?

  • My Flat Rate Decorating Consultations are Unique (I was the first to offer Flat Rate Design Services in Ohio). Most Designers have an hourly fee which can sky rocket to unknown costs. Design Advice from Ready Set Redesign™ is given to you at a flat-rate, so you and I are concentrating only on best Design solutions for you, not watching the clock and worried about the ever increasing costs!
  • I DO NOT Purchase items for you. I never buy ANYTHING for you. This allows you to shop where you want with your budget .  Most Designers make purchases or have you purchase through their sources at a higher cost to you. 
  • Ready Set Redesign™ provides you with PROFESSIONAL, Expert Decorating advice so you can make purchases when your time and budget allows. (and yes, I have resources and recommendations on where to shop based on your budget).
  • You are Educated with the "whys" of the Design Principles behind the Decorating Solutions. This empowers you to have confidence in implementing your Design Plan.
  • You have FREE, unlimited follow-up by email when you have questions about implementing the Room Redesign Plan- you will never feel paralyzed again!


Why would I use an Interior Designer?

  • In two hours, you will know every size, shape and color of everything you need to purchase in order to pull your room together.
  • You are able to "cut-through" the indecision and the paralysis  with the plan you receive. You will know exactly what to do in order to have a room you are proud to share with family and friends. And if you don't know or you get paralysed again, you can freely email me with as many questions as you desire.
  • You may consider professional advice expensive, but if Costly Decorating Mistake have been made you will avoid making more mistakes.


What if I need help implementing the Decorating Design Plan?

  • With a Complete Room Redesign, I offer free help through email; you can send as many pictures or ask as many questions as you like without any additional charge.
  • Shopping Assistance is available at an hourly charge.  You will be asked to go with me so we can make quick decisions and save you time and money.

 Aren't Interior Designers only for the Wealthy?

  • Not in today's world! SMART people USE the Services of Designers to "do it right" the first time! Avoiding costly Decorating mistakes!
  • Our parents' and grandparents' Designers were for the wealthy, because they were sold top-of-the-line furniture, drapes, wallpaper, etc., by the Designers- and that's how the Decorators, of those days, made their money. 
  • Using the Flat-Rate Design Services from Ready Set ReDesign™ is affordable and will actually save you money!

 Why do I not see a portfolio?

  • Testimonials and Angie's List Reviews are my Portfolio!  They tell of our client's experience and how happy they were with the results. 
  • The average cost of 1 photo shoot is $2500-$5000; who would be picking up the cost...indirectly?
  • I use items that have meaning to you. You may want to use Dear Aunt Hazels table because it is so special to you and brings back wonderful memories. Someone viewing that picture will judge the work and not realized how wonderful it makes you feel. I
  • My goal is for EVERY ONE to LOVE their home, no matter their budget or style- their style may not be your style and you may think something is "ugly" because it not your style.
  • Most people get their Decorating Ideas from Magazines or TV- we know you don't like EVERYTHING you see - and by having pictures, you may think Ready Set Redesign™ cannot help you because you don't see what you are looking for in the pictures.
  • Most photos you see are "staged" to create interest.  If you really analyze these pictures, most people can't or don't live like that.  Many have budgets from $50,000 to over $100,000 to create that wonderful room you adore in those photos, do you have that kind of budget? 
  • I provide people Decorating Advice to implement in their time-frame and budget.  Some take days, while others take months; everyone works when their schedules allow.  I hear from people telling me how excited they are with their "NEW" look and feel. And, yes they send pictures, but the pictures are not "staged" or Professional quality so I don't post them.  I LOVE to see their transformation and enjoy their excitement about their "new" room.
  • I have found most of my clients like their homes to be private and not to be on display to the world.   

How do I know if we will "get-along?"

  • CALL ME! You will be able to tell if it will work well together just by asking me questions. 
  • I'm a very easy person to work with and the only thing I care about is giving you a home you will LOVE! (REMEMBER: my Design Consultations are all about YOU, not me and they are collaborative.)
  • Check my reviews on this website or through Angie's Lists

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