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What is Feng Shui?

Are you Constantly Moving your Furniture Around? 

Do you feel Uncomfortable in your home and keep Changing the Decorating?

Maybe it's Time for a Feng Shui Consultations or a House Blessing

Feng Shui literally translate to "Wind" and "Water". What does this have to do with your home?  Your surroundings affect you each and every day. 

Every thing- you included is energy - just ask any scientist.  Feng Shui is about the flow of energy in your home to give you a peaceful and tranquil environment. It's about balancing the energy of the items used to decorate your home.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you see wind? No you do not- you may see leaves dancing as the wind blows by them, but You do NOT see it. You DO FEEL IT!! That is why a well designed room FEELS so good!

Some people believe this is a bit "airy-fairy" - I know, it was for me when I first discovered Feng Shui about fifteen years ago. But the more I studied, the more it all made sense.  and I was able to give my clients much better surroundings.  I even had doubts in the beginning that it was in conflict with my spiritual beliefs.  It wasn't and I gladly use it or not use it based on my client's wishes.

Do I use crystals, windchimes, all that "funky" stuff around your home. Heck NO! Unless you specifically ask for it, you will NEVER hear me recommending that stuff. 


Feng Shui is very Confusing and Conflicting.  No wonder; did you know there is an Eastern, a Western, a Japanese, and many other cultures?  I applaude the people of ages past for writing down what worked for them. Unfortunately, they also attempted to make rules that would "fit" everyone.  That's not how the world works.....are we all alike? Is every home exactly like another? Absolutely not!


So what is Different about using Feng Shui with Ready Set ReDesign™? I am soon to rename it, but for NOW, I call it BEYOND FENG SHUI!

  • No airy-fairy stuff, unless you ask for it.
  • Rearrange furniture; edit, add or delete pieces that creates a better energy flow in your room to make it feel more inviting and open (un-blocking stuck energy, heavily burdened energy, shut-down energy).
  • Create Joy and Happiness in your surroundings that you LOVE, which will unlock YOUR Potential!

Did you know.......Oprah, Bill Gates, Donna Karan, Steven Spielberg ,  the wife of Britain's former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and many more have all used Feng Shui? for thought on creating abundance all areas in one's life!  And it is NOT just about money!! Abundance of Friends, abundance in Relationships, abundance in any area of you life!

Just a couple of Beyond Fung Shui Testimonials.....

"After we ReDesigned my home, things just starting taking off!"  --- Kathy Nex, of New Albany

Results from another Feng Shui Consultation:
"WOW!!!  I left the house for about an hour.  I was thinking of other things as I returned via the back door.  So funny, the new arrangement hit me like a surprise as if I wasn't here when it all  happened.  LOL.  The kitchen was sooooo open and inviting!  I can't  wait to switch out the rockers so that one corner of the TV room is in sync with the new arrangement.  This evening I sat in my mom's comfy chair enjoying sushi and watching a rerun of Dharma and Greg (love that show!).  It was WONDERFUL!!  I'm thinking a coat of cream paint on the wood will do as you said.....allow me to like the look of the chair as is.  Since the current fabric fits in decor-wise it will allow me to leave it until I switch out the couch down the road.

I will keep in touch to let you know how it is going.  You have helped move me by leaps  and bounds down my new path.
Consider yourself hugged again!!!  Best wishes."   ---Email from Susan Schibler, Merion Village

Is it time to become un-stuck,  feel less suffocated, feel un-burdened when you are in your home? 
Just a friendly reminder, Your home is a metaphor for your life!

All Feng Shui consultations can be incorporated into Room ReDesigns - and remember, you will not see funky things sitting on bookshelves or hanging from the ceiling.

If your life is not where you want it to be or if your surroundings don't feel good, then what do you have to lose?  Try it, you may enjoy the experience.

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