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What to Expect from an Interior Design Consultation

First, let's address the Fear Factor of having a decorator in your home

Here are some Fears many clients told me had before calling or meeting me: 
"I was Afraid and Scared to have a stranger in my Home...I thought you would criticize my lack of decorating!!!" First and foremost, I am there to help you. (NOTE: this Designer parks her EGO in her car before entering your home.)  
My mission in life is to FIX every decorating dilemma, one person at a time. It saddens me when I hear from people who have “LIVED” with a Decorating problem for years….. when it could have been resolved in just hours..PLEASE get the courage to call!
"I was WORRIED….have I cleaned well enough before the decorator arrives?" WE ALL have DUST BUNNIES, and no matter how carefully you clean, they always rear their furry, ugly heads when you least expect it!  Don't be mortified, I experience this almost every time I work with clients (yes, I've heard people blame it on their cleaning company- so if that makes you feel better, then do it!).  I would prefer to just make light of them and laugh about it, because I’ll probably share my story about a silly cobweb I saw as I was entertaining guests in my home - all I wanted to do was jump up and eliminate it before my guests could see it!
"I was WORRIED about my CLUTTER?" I laugh every time I tell people about a “relative” who puts her clutter in the car if she hasn’t had time to organize before guests come over to her house. Actually it’s best to let me see "your Clutter", because it helps me understand what is really going on and I can recommend proper storage solutions!
And again- DECORATING YOUR HOME is NOT about me, IT'S ABOUT YOU...Loving your home!
Remember: My Ego gets checked outside your front door - once I enter your Home and begin working with you; it's all about you and helping you create the home of your Dreams.
Everyone has personal preferences and yours will be acknowledged and honored. Just know, if I can stretch you a little more to really create an WOW home, I will. Wink
I SOOO look forward to helping you!

"User-Friendly" Interior Design Services Cool

Ready Set Redesign's™ unique decorating process is inquired by may other Designers.  They can't understand how I can make this work! Here's the process:

1. I ask a lot of questions. I must get to know you! Why? Because I must figure out what your likes and dislikes are; How your family uses the space- your unique lifestyle; How you envision the room feeling and looking after the decorating is completed.

2. As a result of #1, I ask even more questions! Again, it’s learning and understanding you and your family. I have to consider- little children and their toys; animals and their importance to you; storage issues; are there Seniors Citizens living in or visiting the home; How long are you planning to live in your home and does it make sense to spend the money.  I also need to hear you tell me what is not working for you.

3. If possible and if needed, I arranged or rearrange the furniture.  You may need to re-hang artwork and reassesorize. Not to worry, I'll tell you high high and where to hang things.

4. I make recommendations of what else is needed to pull the room together. There are millions of solutions to every Decorating dilemma. Every solution recommended to you is based on what you have told me about you; your style and lifestyle. There is NO ONE RIGHT ANSWER- these Design Consultations are collaborative and if a recommendation is not resonating with you, just tell me- I WILL find the right Decorating Solution for you!

5. Since I am a creative, resolution-minded person, I THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.  You may hear yourself say “I would have never thought of that!”  Yes, that is why you hire and Interior Designer! (Actually if I haven't heard that statement, then I haven't done my job)

6. You will have detailed information of what to do to give you the room or home of your Dreams. By the time I have finished your Design Consultation, you will know exactly what you need to do to complete your room. 

This is what is Covered in a full redesign Consultation: Furniture (size, shape, color, fabric, etc),  window treatments (fabric, rod, or none, if you so choose), accessories, artwork or photo galleries (what size and how high to hang), flooring (area rug size or new flooring), Light fixtures and lamps, paint colors and more.  Kitchens and Baths: new layout if you desired, counter tops, cabinets, light fixtures, paint selection,table size and more.  So as you can see, I cover everything from ceiling to floor. And to thin, you'll be able to do it WITHOUT Making COSTLY Decorating Mistakes!

7.. Oh, by the way and the Fun Part: You are educated on Design Principles!

8. Questions after the Initial Consultation? You can email me (with the complete Room ReDesign) !

9. How long does it take? It depends on which Design Consultation you select.  A complete Room Makeover averages between 2-3 hours for the first room, and less time per room when you "bundle" multiple rooms at one time. 

The final thing that happens:

In almost every Decorating Consultation, you will be SO  EXCITED  to finally know  “HOW”  and “WHAT” to do to pull your room  together, you may find yourself PUSHING ME (the decorator) OUT THE DOOR  so you can GO SHOPPING! Don’t worry, I understand this and I don’t take it personally because it really does happen all the time.

Need help implementing your plan? Yes, I do have shopping assistance.  Very few people utilize this because the recommendations are very concrete, so most people do not struggle with indecision.

 If you understand Life Purpose, this is mine:  to give people homes they love- that's it... it is that simple! I am so grateful to be able to help so many people enjoy their life.