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The Decorating Process with Ready Set Redesign™

The first question most people ask me after entering their home: How does the Decorating Process work?   And they also say: "I have never done this before."

You are not alone, most people are nervous AND have never done this before.  I get it - you now have some strange woman in your home  ... telling you how to make your home look and feel great!

My Decorating Process is a 4-step Process: 

Step #1: I ask lots of questions; if I don't, that would be "ass-uming" too much. The purpose of "LOTS of questions" is to discover who you are, and what your dreams are for yourself and your family- in other words, just how do you want your home to look and feel? 
Step #2:  the Decorating fun begins: Based on what you have told me, then I verbally share with you some ideas. Such as, the sofa should be placed here, and this is why.  (I'm educating as we are redesigning your room.

Yes, I realize you can't see it what the transformation will look like.  My problem is I can see  how the room will look -  I can visualize the entire look... oh, in about 90 seconds. You may hear me say:  "let me draw a couple of pictures for you...let do a quick layout....or let us move some furniture around so you feel how the room will be.  Yes, these pieces may only be placeholders until you purchase new.  And, of course, I think outside of the box, and I may need to have you try something "just for fun" because I can see what everything will look like when completed. You are not alone, most people cannot "see" the finished results.
Step # 3 -The Design Plan Yes, I understand this whole idea is foreign to most people. The Details incorporated the Design Plan:
  • Paint color recommendation
  • fabric selection: colors, pattern ideas
  • furniture: size, shape, color
  • accessories: size, color, shape 
  • artwork/wall hanging options (yes, and how high to hang it). 
  • Layout for empty rooms to determine furniture size

Note: The first room always takes the longest, possibly a couple of hours. It is due to discovering your likes, dislikes, style, lifestyle, hobbies, entertainment ideas- everything that reflects you and your family members personality and culture... remember all those crazy questions I ask?  And they continue....

And I completely understand this is still uncomfortable, because you cannot see what I am discussing with you...

Step #4- The Design Board, Picture Board, Mood Board 

I am asked many times if I do 3-D Renderings. Yes, I can do them, but No, I choose NOT to do them because it doesn't give you instant gratification. Most firms charge between $1500-$3000- I would rather you spend that money on furniture, artwork or Accessories. (Oh, and about HGTV renderings? They cost $10,000 each). 

Your Design Board is totally collaborative- so if you don't like something?  We change it out to something that works for the entire Design Concept and that is something you like. 

Have something you want to use? Yes, it will be pictured with the other items on the Design Board, if you wish.

When do you get THE DESIGN BOARD?  Before I leave your house!! How can that be?!?!? It is True!

Here are some sample Design Boards:

Decorating Design Board
Interior Design Picture Board
Decorating a living room mood board

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