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Bachelor Pad Decorating

Why does a Single or Divorced Man need to have a nicely Decorated Home?

Because your home is a Reflection of who you are!
Ready Set ReDesign™ has helped many Divorced and Single Men create comfortable and inviting homes.  With our honed skills and insights of what Bachelors want and need we can quickly pull together a look that is masculine and sophisticated, yet with some softness that any person will be comfortable visiting.
We co-create with you the look and feel for your home with your style and lifestyle in mind. 
Have children and shared parenting?  We’ll help you create child-friendly rooms for when the kids visit.  We know how important it is to calm the upheaval and disruption the children have gone through and provide a quick transition to comfort and security.
If you are recently Divorced, you have been through a lot of craziness. The scary new reality is hitting you that you are now single. Let us help you decorate a cheerful, cozy and comfortable home designed with your valuable input especially for the new you.
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