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What is a Color Consultation?

selecting paint color


This is Why copying Pinterest or Houzz or a Friend's Paint Color RARELY works....

Most people cannot understand why,  when they have analyzed and re-analyzed, and even copied a known color - that it doesn't work in their room


Lighting is key. How many windows to you have in the room? What directions does the room face. People don't realize this will affect the final outcome of their paint selection.


The type of lightbulbs and the color of these lightbulbs will also affect color outcome.

What most people don't realize that each directional wall will appear different during the same time of day.  Our eyes adjust, so most don't see this.


As well, the colors will change through-out the day based on sun position and clouds. And You thought this would be an easy to just paint a room.


The picture to the left is courtesy of Benjamin Moore:

As seen here, bright midday sun will wash out most pale hues (top); that same hue will be flattered by softer, indirect illumination (lower left), while artificial light will add a warm glow to the wall color (lower right).


Call in an expert to avoid this costly mistake! 

upholstery and drapery fabric
  • You are probably looking at this page because you just can't find the right color- in paint, accessories, fabric.  Have you made the expensive mistake of painting a room just to realize it is completely wrong?  
  • We will not let that happen to you!  It is nearly impossible to select a color using the small paint chips offered by paint companies. Here's what we will do for you:
  • We discover what colors you like and we look around to help you realize your color palette.
  • We educate you on color, how it affects you and how it is affected by your room layout
  • We want to learn how you envision each room and how you want it to feel
  • We show you pictures of actual rooms where some mistakes begin
  • We order large color samples and have you live with them first before making a commitment to paint your room.

........No mistakes here!!

And YES, we help with Color in selecting Flooring and Fabrics!

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selecting paint colors