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Interior Designer for a Day

What is Designer for a Day Consultation?

This is a great service for people who have their home with the main bones of decorating. This is a whole house walk-through to see what needs to be added to make your home feel cohesive and pulled-together.  

THIS IS NOT for detailed plans for remodeling rooms or empty rooms.  Furniture will not be moved. Detailed Design Plans or Design Boards are not part of this Interior Decorating process. You will be taking copious notes through-out the Decorating process. 

It will include the hours of 9-3 or 10-4 or 11-5. Yes, 6 hours. And if we need to go shopping, that can also be done during this time period to help with completion of your decorating.

Cost: $750

This is a quick way to have your home Decorated for any special  up-coming event in your life.
(Be sure to schedule a couple of months in advance to be able to complete the Decorating in a timely manner)