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Are You Downsizing and need Plan for your New Home?

Where will your furniture go? And will your existing furniture Fit?  Or do you need new furniture?
Moving is one of the top forms of STRESS..... Would you Please allow me to help you reduce it.  Have a Plan before you move!

Allow me to help you with a plan for your New Home- whether Downsizing or just Moving.  You will save Hours- Days of despair and Paralysis!  (Facebook has some clients post who moved out of state and waited too Long)

I will measure and create a plan prior to move in, so when the movers arrive, you can tell them where to place the furniture.   Or as your new furniture is delivered, you know where to put it. 

Many times when downsizing people do not know how to work with their existing furniture in their new home. I can help you make this move more peaceful - no stress, no regrets!

Schedule prior to the move to make moving day a EASY! 614.888.914

Downsize and move in furniture