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Home Exterior Color Consultation

Avoid Costly Decorating Mistakes with our Exterior Design Consultations!

One of our clients put on a new roof- and oops, it was the wrong color. She was frantic because that new roof could have been a $10,000 mistake.  We were called to see how we could correct the mistake.  For a consultation fee of less than $200 we were able to help her avoid spending another $10,000 to replace the roof.  We recommended some color changes for the trim color and other architectural details.  Now, the roof is no longer offensive and the client is very satisfied. The best part, we saved her a lot of money.

Exterior Color Consultations Include:

  • Siding colors
  • Paint Colors
  • Trim Colors
  • Stone or Brick colors
  • Shutter colors
  • Roof colors
....and additional suggestions to give the house the look you want.