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Room Makeover, Redecorated Room, or a Room Redesign

(they are all the same, just different names)

Empty Room  ~  Partially Furnished Room  ~ Completely Furnished

Items addressed in a Room Redesign (an empty room or fully/partially furnished): 
  • Paint colors: large samples are snail-mailed to you so you avoid the costly mistake of using the wrong color.
  • Ceiling lighting:  if you need new fixtures, you will have a picture 
  • Lamps- you'll know what size and style - and you will have a picture
  • Window Treatments style, color- where to place rod for drapes & what kind of rod- everything you need to know.
  • Flooring- color and type of new flooring, or stain color for re-sanding exisiting floors.  Area Rug style, and color.
  • Furniture-  furniture may be arranged or if you need new furniture: size, shape, color and style, etc.
  • Artwork-  sizes and recommendation for new as well as how high to hang your pieces.
  • Accessories- may be rearranged or recommendations made for new pieces.
  • Layouts may be created for empty rooms. This is for the purpose of furniture size recommendations.
→BONUS:  A detailed Design Plan IS HANDED TO YOU BEFORE I WALK OUT YOUR DOORS. It has all the specifics covered above when your time and budget allow.
→BONUS: You will have access to me by email for some additional Questions. 

The Decorating Process I utilize is very EASY TO IMPLEMENT- it is like a "paint by numbers" process, with results that give you an amazing room (much prettier than those paint by numbers canvases, at least mine were never very good).

And to think, it only took us a few hours to create a plan for your room!
This Package covers everything found above with the Complete Room Redesign. Why would you want to do so many rooms at one time? The Benefit to you is that we create a cohesive plan so you have a nice flow from room to room. The beauty is that you can implement each room's plan when your time and budget allows...and the best part: A HUGE savings for you!

What are you waiting for? Haven't you waited long enough?

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