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(Possibly Decorating San Antonio Texas bi-monthly or quarterly in 2018)

Decorating Special for March 2018

Is it time to refresh the paint colors for the Interior of your home?

Paint Selection for 5 rooms is 25%


Oh dear, there is an elephant in your room- Where did that come from?

What is the Elephant all about? It could be preventing you from having a well-designed room!

Before you start delving into the Interior Design Services, I think we need to discuss the BIG ELEPHANT in the room- FEAR.  Is that what is holding you back from having a well decorated, peaceful, inviting, warm and cozy home? I cannot help you to get past your fear. Do you fear going to the Doctor? Fear going to the Dentist?  UNLESS YOU pick up the phone and call me, you will continue to live a lack-luster life. Is that what you want? I doubt it.

Dumbo has you paralyzed.  Dumbo is front and center! All I ask, think back, when you stepped through a fear that overwhelmed you? When you went through that fear, didn't you hear yourself saying "wow, that was easier than I thought!" (ok, I've heard this WAY too many times from clients..... it is painless)
Please know for sure I have dust bunnies, I have dishes in the sink, I have piles in the laundry room (of course not all of the time) so who am I? Someone just like you who wishes for you to love your home as I love my home!  And that's what I want for you. So put on your big girl/boy pants and call me today!

decorating around the elephant in the room
How can you decorate around your elephant?
Decorating Services
Click on Each Service below for more Information about the service:

Room Redesign - Empty or filled rooms can have a new look

Man Cave - You know what room that is!

Selling your Home  We will guide you using what is in your existing home.


New Build and Remodel Help do you need help with the building process of selecting cabinets, flooring, counter tops, and light fixtures to make sure the house is cohesive? Do you need help with layouts.

Whole House Walk-through - Verbal advice, nothing written or measured.

Kitchen-Bath-Mudroom-Laundry Remodel - Layout, surfaces- everything

Fixer Upper or Flip Homes - Get advice on the biggest bank for your buck

Downsizing Existing furniture place a puzzle? 

Exterior Color -Roof color, siding-stucco-brick color, front door, shutters- whatever you have outside.

Exterior Room Redesign - yes an outside patio or deck

Shopping Assistance - available only when a room redesign is planned

Bachelor Pad Makeover - yes, single men need a nice home- read why

New Home - want to know where your existing furniture, artwork, and accessories  go in your new home so on move-in day you will have peace of mind?

Feng Shui - oh, it's not that weird! Innocent Unless you don't remember any science learned in elementary school. EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE IS ENERGY. That is all this is about- it's about correcting the energy flow so your room(s) feel better! No weird stuff from this chick, unless requested.

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