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Thank you so much for today!!!!  I had a blast.  I feel like I have a plan.  What I like most is that you really listened to what I wanted/needed and worked that all into the plan.  Its so manageable and not overwhelming.  What makes me feel so comfortable is that even if we move in the next couple of years, I won't have invested a fortune but that everything will (hopefully) work in another home. I can't wait to get it all and have you back over to help me with the installation. - Cindy Neighbor, Westerville

Hiring Ready, Set, Design is the best decision I have ever made in home decorating!  In the past, I had listened to furniture store "designers," spent untold amounts on custom furniture that I hated when it arrived, and ultimately gave up on what to do with what I had. I hated my house and was out thousands of dollars. Well, Diane solved all of that. She used everything I had in new ways and created rooms that my family is proud of and that we love to be in. Plus, she was so much fun to work with! It doesn't get much better than this. Highly, highly recommended! Love everything she did!  Lee Hogan Upper Arlington

"I really thought the furniture descriptions and layouts were the most beneficial to me.  We were overwhelmed with the process of filling a large room.  After this consultation we feel much more comfortable."  Mary Chomic, Galena

"Talking through the layout and room uses and my needs were very helpful to me.  I can't wait to start even thought I will have to wait a bit. What is great, I now have an easy to follow plan of action.  You are exactly what I expected and wanted."        Libby Wetherholt,  Columbus                

"I loved today's services!  I felt the color information and furniture placement were the most beneficial information for me to mover forward.  Your consultation FAR exceeded my expectations!"   Molly Dole, Clintonville

"Diane is such a knowledgeable and creative Designer. She uses the furniture you love to create the most beautiful spaces in the most unexpected ways. She is truly amazing and a pleasure to work with!"   Beverly Emig,  Westerville,Ohio

"You made a functioning room become a cozy area that my husband and I will enjoy"
                                                                    Cynthia Sheahan, Gahanna

Dear Diane, Thank you so much for helping me with my home.  It's been a few years, but I finally made all the changes and it looks just wonderful.  However, my husband just got transferred and now we're moving!  Our house was sold to the 3rd person who came through.  All buying agents raved about the decorating and said the house was staged perfectly (and I made sure I gave you all the credit!).  So, many thanks to you   Email from Kim Hough

"Diane listened to what I wanted and helped me figure out how to make that a reality." Lori Little, Westerville


"I feel I have a direction to go. Before I didn't know what to start with - I feel excited to get started."  Ellen Joseph, Westerville

"The room is very difficult to place furniture.  Diane's ideas were functional and didn't break the bank (frugal)." Jill Martin, Powell 

"Diane helped me to pull together all the things I have collected and loved, but didn't know how they should go together. WOW! A new home full of old comforting belongings." Carol Klochak, Hilliard

"Diane spends a lot of time working with clients to incorporate their style of living in her suggestions.  But she's also quick in envisioning a cohesive plan for each room and presenting a detailed plain of her suggestions.  I like that she comes in and actually starts moving things around (even heavy furniture) to see and demonstrate what the finished look will be.  She provides concrete suggestions for colors and sizes to the client, too, rather than vague, open-ended ideas."  Jenny Ventura,  Powell 

"I found today's services informative and useful. My expectations were exceeded." -Linda Jonard, Galena


"I am recommending you to my friends. Your consultation was better than I expected"-Kathy Sutton, Clintonville. 

"You went way beyond my expectations! I'm so totally awed! Awestruck that my "stuff" would look this good! Worth every penny!? - Denise Cervi, Hilliard


"I enjoyed the time together and loved all the help in pulling everything together. I also liked being able to work with what I already had. I feel I know just what to do, but would feel comfortable calling Diane if need be. I love the new look and feel of my rooms and am anxious to complete the plans." Janet Bristol, Canal Winchester 

"Diane genuinely loves what she does and is gracious enough to share her love in her teachings." Sandi Schmitt, Galena (now in Alabama- I've worked with her 3 times since she's moved)

"I'd say that Diane captured what I was looking for - she listened and was able to make suggestions that fit my personality and tastes." Michelle Gueritey, Lewis Center

"We used a lot of the things we already have and that meant a lot to us.  We accomplished so much today.  The rooms looked inviting, comfy after they were finished"            Laura Miller, Delaware

Diane listened to what my needs were.  She takes YOUR ideas and helps you focus" 

                                                                                         Suzanne Laird, Westerville

"I felt very comfortable having you in myhome.  You have lots of great ideas that I would have never thought of. I did not feel pressured.  I'm excited to make the ideas a reality!" Lisa Katula, Westerville

"Diane came up with a design solution I would have never come up with on my own.  I would also mention that she is very personable and easy to work with"  Elizabeth Allen,  Powell

"I was amazed how light affects color- and that she was actually able to show me. We moved some heavy stuff and the end results is a beautiful room."                          Rita Boeckmann, Hilliard

"Having a designer look at my room with fresh eyes was very comforting.  I felt Diane listened to me while giving me ideas that never would have occurred to me to try"   Aileen Moran, Gahanna

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