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Ready Set Redesign's Interior Design Consultation

Here's what you get with my Decorating Consultion:
•Professional Interior Design Advice: To help You quickly make over any room in your home by eliminating YOUR Indecisiveness and Paralysis in decorating your home.
Education of Design Principles: Which helps you avoid Expensive and Time-Wasting decorating mistakes. The mystery of Decoraing is elminated and you will know the  "why" behind correcting a room; furniture layout, accessorizing, and hanging artwork, just to name a few.
•In a few short hours, a Redesigned Room or a plan for Designing an Emty Room: You will have a plan for every Detail to PULL a room together. The results are a beautiful, great Feeling room with the Look you have longed for ….for WAY too long!
•Unlimited email Questions to the Designer: You will no longer be paralyzed,  because if you get stuck while implementing the Design Plan, you have unlimited emails to ask questions... other Designers bill you for additional questions.
•Flat Rates Design Consultations (not hourly or any hidden charges): You will know how much it will cost for a room redesign, paint color consultaion or whatever decorating help you need- before I walk into your home. 
Rated one of the top Designers and Home Stagers (these ratings come from clients): I have no input to affect these ratings other than to listen and resolve your problems. You wishes and desires and hopes and dreams are my only concern. My only focus, when working with you, is to give you a home you will love. (note, I am not bragging, all I am saying these reports are from someone who cares about your needs and wants to help you have a home you will love)

Here's what you May want to Know:
•I work with any size Decorating Budget or Design Style and every Consultation is exclusively tailored to your Lifestyle.  Any Style? Yes, a Design Plan is exclusively created for You based on Design Principles.
•90% of the Decorating Process is about how a room FEELS  Any one can copy a picture and decorate a room with "things". Getting a room to feel warm, cozy, inviting and beautiful is my Specialty.  Your Design Plan is created exclusively for you and your home will be an authentic expression of who You are. That is important so you always feel good in every room of your home.
•This Unique Decorating Process has Proven results since 1981:  Yes, this Decorating Process changed the world of Interior Design. It was created by my Mentor, who drew the attention of and appeared on Oprah and many othere national TV shows. Why? Because this process showed how anyone could have a well designed home, on any budget. This contradicted traditional Interior Design schools of thought that only the wealthy could afford an Interior Designer and have a well designed home.  Yes, there are many who have tried to copy this process, and no, they have never been as successful.
WARNING: You will hear yourself say: "I would have never thought of that." or..."That was so easy, I don't know why I waited so long, struggling and having sleepless nights to try to Decorate by myself!"  People are always amazed how I can get this complicated process reined in to very simple, easy to understand steps.
•And don't forget...You DESERVE a beautiful, decorated home. Say goodby to the suffering in a home that feels and looks horrible.

The Basics about Decorating Consultations

TRUE STORY: Ok, so Heather (real name), called me a year ago. Then finally called me recently. When we had completed her Room Redesign, she asked, "Does it always go this easily and quickly?"  And, I responded, "Yes they do.  That is why when you had called back, I was so excited for you, I knew you would finally feel good in your new home. This is the gift I was given by the Creator, and I am to share it with people."
AND ANOTHER True Story: Rosella has lived in her home for 19 years, and has never felt comfortable in her bedroom.  I asked her the various places she had her bed. Well, in less that 2 minutes, I knew where the bed should go. And, after 2 hours, she was amazed with how comfortable she already felt in it. And, she only needed to purchase one piece.

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